Tuesday 9 February 2021

Butterfly Pillow Box

 A gift box always comes in handy. The butterfly motif is suitable for many occasions. Gift tag included.

Here's your print-and-cut freebie:



Easy to make: print, cut, score, crease. Take special care folding the curves. Glue the top. Glue on butterfly body. 

Great for small gifts. 

Thursday 4 February 2021

Valentine Pillow Box

 Here's a Valentine Pillow Box with a Mexican papel picado-inspired heart-flower motif. It is pretty how the arcs project beyond the box edges. Gift tag included!

Your free print-and-cut design:



Very easy to make. Print, cut - take care to cut the heart arcs at the folds. Score the folds, crease. Seal the flap. Good to go!

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Valentine Pillow Box Pocket

 Today I have a pretty gift pouch for you. The motif is inspired by Mexican Papel Picardo. You won't have to do any fancy cutting though - just take care to cut the heart curves at the top opening.

Here is your free print-and-cut design:



Easy to make - print, cut, crease folds. Carefully cut the heart arcs at the top. Glue the side flaps under. Optional tag. You're good to go!