Friday, 10 November 2017

Nested Doll Pockets

Here's a fun paper take on Russian Matryoshka dolls. Print and cut the three dolls - they all fit on to one A4 sheet of photocopier card! :)
They make cute party favours or envelope enclosures - but they are not for under 3s. (Of course, you can enlarge them on the photocopier.)

Here are your free nested dolls:
Nested Dolls.pdf 

Making up is a cinch. The how-tos are printed on the page.

Happy papercrafting. :)

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Starry Pleated Ornaments

Star motifs are having a moment - not that they ever go out of style. Since they are super-suited to the festive season, here is a pleated ornament with a 3-D star feature. Cosmic!

In order for the projecting stars to be yellow on both sides, you either have to print on yellow card or print the flip side of your white card yellow. (I have supplied you with a .pdf of a matching colour yellow.)

Here are your free files: 


Print on flip side of card.
I am not giving you detailed how-tos on how to make these pleated ornaments. For a quick study, check out my Pleated Paper Globes Tutorial.  

Also take a look at New Look Pleated Globe Ornaments.

I won't kid you - there is a bit of a learning curve. The trick is reversing the folds at the points - pop! Once you've cracked it, making pleated paper ornaments will be more-ish.  

Enjoy papercrating your Starry Pleated Ornaments.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Nested Teddy Bears

These cute nested teddies are inspired by Russian dolls. Tuck the successively smaller teddies into the pockets (kangaroo-style!) . There's a mailing envelope in a coordinating print, too.

Here are your freebie nesting teddies:


To make the teddies, simply cut out the shapes. Affix a pocket on to each teddy bear. Glue on backs are supplied, for a tidy finish.

The small size bears are not for under 3. You can enlarge the design - and make a suitable larger envelope.

Enjoy making and giving the nested teddies! :)