Sunday, 23 September 2018

Pleated Globes '18

Pleated paper baubles - this year's update features a trendy chevron design and the option to make it solid or with louvre-style slats. 

Here is your freebie download:



The secret to success is to score and pre-crease the pattern template. Overlap the end segments to make a continuous strip, then a ring. To achieve the slat appearance, cut the purple sections on their angled and short sides, then stick them down on the wrong side. (Print the wrong side of your card in matching purple for the see-through version.)

For a Pleated Paper Globe Tutorial, click on this link.

It would be fun to enclose a jingle bell in the see-through globe.

Happy pleating! 

Friday, 21 September 2018

Dinky Frame Ornaments

Today I have pretty 3-D hanging frame ornaments that are fun to fold. Print, crease carefully, pop the picture inside, then add the back with a hanging loop.
I have included festive medallion designs - but you could, of course, add a pic or photo of your own choice.

Here are your free ornament downloads:

Print the template on to photocopier card. Score and crease the fold-lines carefully. I find that the quickest method to assemble the frames is to use double-sided tape. 

Happy holiday crafting! :D

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Snowflakes & Snowflake Garlands '18

I know that some of you have been busy holiday crafting all summer, but I can't get serious about my holiday makes until September rolls in. Today I have snowflakes - have them your way: solo or garlands. 

Here are your free print-and-cut files:



I have given you two types of garlands - a chunky 3-D version or side-to-side links with a more fluid drape. The solo snowflakes can be used as ornaments or gift tags (just pierce a hole and add a hanging loop) or as gift wrap decorations.

You can leave the centre petals of the snowflake creased but un-tucked or you can tuck in the petals one-by-one to form a centre rosette. 

Happy crafting.