Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Free Springtime Pillow Box

Gingham and rickrack - they just say Springtime - fresh and cheery. Here's a peek-a-book pillow box, suitable for gifting small goodies in. A gift tag, too.

Here's your free papercraft printable:

The template is for the smaller size box. For the larger size, enlarge by 20%. 

To make:
1 Score the folds with a fine-point embossing tool. Pay special attention to the curves. Butt against a small metal ruler for the straight folds.

2 Crease the folds.

3 Cut a piece of clear cellophane using the cutting guide. Place double-sided tape all around the window aperture on the wrong side of the box. Apply the cellophane.

5 Join the long edge.

6 Pop up one side of the box and seal it. Insert contents. Seal remaining side.

7 Add optional gift tag if desired. (You will have to pierce or punch a hole in the uppermost marquise shape through which to pass the tag string.)

Enjoy your Spring Gingham.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Shakespearean Origami!

In a serendipitous coincidence, both Shakespeare – and  The British Origami Society – are celebrating milestone anniversaries this year (well last year for Shakespeare, but close enough). It is the British Origami Society’s 50th. To commemorate the event, they have issued a delightful booklet of Origami Inspired by Shakespeare.

Within the pages of the booklet (compiled by Nick Robinson), you will find Yorick, Titania (Fairy), Dagger, Witches Cauldron, Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare (another version), and Oberon. (I am not posting pics because I believe that they are member’s perks. Rest assured, they are all great fun.)

To celebrate the British Origami Society’s 50th, the BOS50 convention will be held on Friday 1- Sunday 3 September, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza, Stratford –Upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s birthplace). The festivities include illustrious guests – big names in the origami world – Tomoko Fuse (modular origami), Giang Dinh, Robert Lang (physicist and origamist), and Paul Jackson (paper manipulation authority). There’s also a gala dinner.

I can heartily recommend joining the BOS – their fabulous magazine is worth the price of the subscription along. It always illuminates and entertains. There are also regional groups that meet regularly, and twice yearly conventions.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Pretty Paper Party Baskets... on Craftsy

Spring is in the air... if you have a vivid imagination. I have just posted these cute party baskets up in Craftsy Paper Crafts Patterns ...for sale. The handle is built-in - so it is really quick to make. And I can make the printables up in the colour of your choice. :)