Monday, 9 July 2018

Russian Doll Pockets 2018

My popular Russian Doll Pockets have received an update and are for sale on, in the Papercraft patterns section. Pretty nested paper dolls! The download costs £1.50, and is in PDF format. If you require an .svg, email me and I will provide it.

Features of the update include pretty new prints and snowflake medallions on the doll fronts.


Sunday, 8 July 2018

Ski Sweater Snowflake Gift Tags

It's official - the biggest heat wave in five years... the ideal time to start crafting for the holiday season! Today I have pretty gift tags whose snowflake motifs are inspired by Scandinavian-style ski sweaters. You can, of course, also use them as decorations.

Here are you free print-and-cut designs:



A simple, but festive papercraft project. Now for the ice cream. :D

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Paper Craft Home, by Sarah Louise Matthews. Review.

25 Beautiful Projects to Cut, Fold, and Shape

By Sarah Louise Matthews

Search Press 2018

Paperback £10.99 UK

ISBN 978-1-78221-620-9

Star rating: ****

The author of this delightful new papercraft book, Sarah Louise Matthews, studied textile design. Her training is evident in the graceful shapes of her papercraft designs – she must be great at floral prints, as evidenced by her wonderful floral papercraft creations. The projects in the book are imaginative and exhibit lots of variety – although the book’s title is pushing the envelope a bit.The projects are decorative accessories and not really permanent homeware, paper being best suited to temporary, not permanent makes. Having said that, all the designs are extremely appealing – you will want to make them. 

Cutting, scoring, and folding are required to make most of the projects.One of my favourites is the facetted Minimal Vase, which you pop over a drinking glass. Genius. There’s a Swan Gift Bag (wouldn’t be surprised if it was inspired by Bjork’s famous red carpet dress), a very giftable Flower Pencil Topper, Floral Cake Toppers (ideal, with home baking so very popular). Looking in on another design trend, the facetted Paper Pineapple is great fun (but not functional). And the Cactus Desk Tidy will bring a smile to succulent fans. 

As you progress through the book, the projects gradually ramp up in difficulty (there’s a Cuckoo Clock, complete with working mechanism). On-page photography step-by-steps are supplied, and templates are given back-of-book (many do require enlargement).

A request to the publishers. Many of us papercrafters have gone digital and own digital cutting machines (such as Silhouette or Cricut). A link to a website with downloadable project cutting files (.svg ) would be very handy – and a further incentive to buy the book. Thanks! 

 Note: I was supplied with a review copy of this title.