Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Harlequin Pleated Ornaments

Pleated paper ornaments... the more, the merrier. Today I have pleated globes decorated with a harlequin pattern (it echoes the diamond folds). 

Here are your freebie print-and-cut papercrafts:

The Harlequin globes are colour-coordinated with my previous pleated globes - so you can make a pretty mixed display. Check out my
previous posts to get up to speed on making pleated paper ornaments.

Making up tips:
* Remember to pre-crease all the folds.
* Crease only the outer diamond of the harlequin motif. 
* You must join two strips to attain the required length - then join into a loop.

Happy pleating!


Friday, 21 October 2016

Pleated Paper Globes... Plus!

Pleats are neat - they are still trending and here to stay. So - today I have an update to my Pleated Paper Globes.
I've ramped things up a little for this year's models - little tweaks that are fun updates and are fun to make, too. There's the threaded version (on the left) and the Pleat-within-pleat version (on the right).

Here are your free ornament designs:

I'm not giving detailed step-by-steps for the new designs here - you'll figure things out if you follow last year's tut! Just make sure you take care scoring and creasing the folds.

I have threaded a strip of paper through the paper globe - but a narrow ribbon would work a treat, too - and then you can tie a bow.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Math + Art = Bridges

The Bridges Conference took place in Finland this year. It is an annual event, with international participants, that celebrates the delightfully geeky interface between mathematics and art... think M C Escher and geodesic domes. Click on the link to watch a fun YouTube video about a travelling exhibition featuring highlights of the Bridges '16 creative makes.