Friday, 27 September 2019

Calendar Globe 2020

Have you started holiday crafting yet? Here's a 3-D desktop calendar for you. Jan-Jun flips over to Sept-Dec. The 12-sided shape is fun to make. Assemble two halves and d/s tape - or glue - them together. Gift tags included!

Here's you free printable 2020 calendar:



I find that 160gsm photocopier card works fine.

Happy papercrafting!

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Leaf Tab Pillow Box

My pillow box binge continues. Today I have a pretty box with leaf-shaped tabs. You will need glue dots to secure the tabs - but remove them carefully and the box can be re-used.

Here's your free print-and-cut pillow box:



Score and crease the curves of the leaf-shapes carefully so they have smooth curves. 

Happy papercrafting!

Friday, 30 August 2019

Pleated Pillow Box

I'm on a pillow box binge. Today's box is pleated - not one for the beginners, but great fun to make. It has a trendy chevron print which echoes the zigzag pleat in the box centre. Dimensional interest makes a refreshing change.

Here's your free print-and-cut design:



Squeeze the pleat, add a bow for a new look.

When you make pleated papercraft creation, you must take care to score and pre-fold the creases on both sides - that is the secret of success. Folding the side flaps is a bit tricky - the pleat folds reverse and pop into place. Have a test run on scrap paper before making up the box for real.

Happy pleating!