Saturday, 27 December 2014

Glue-less ZigZag Paper Chains

Just in time for New Year's Eve: 

These festive rickrack-like paper chains interlock without glue! Just entwine the end portions of each zigzag band to form a loop. The tails tuck behind. Each link has a duo-colour segment and a one-colour segment for variety. 

Here are your free printables:

 Have a happy and creative 2015!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

"Loom Band" Party Garland

I've been brainstorming ideas for "alternative" party garlands - just in case you are bored with gluing loops of paper. Today's idea channels the loom band craze, which, you may have noticed, appeals to kids of all ages. The loops are paper, of course, but the look is pretty recognizable. Bonus: a Woven-Star Charm, which is fun to make in its own right. 

A faux loom band banner is, of course, great for kids' parties. But it would look just fine for New Year's Eve - you can easily make one in time. 

Here are your free designs:

To make up the garland, simply fold each loop in half and slip it through the previous loop. Don't crease the folds - soft folds are more authentic-looking (you can't crease a rubber band!). To end the chain, glue the last loop together. To secure the first loop, you can either tie the ends together with a piece of craft thread, or cut a strip of same-coloured paper, slip it through the ends and glue it down.

The how-tos for the Woven Star Charm are on the pattern template.

Have fun looping the loop!

More garlands here: Retro Flower Garland, Cut-outs, Retro Flower Garlands (Colours)

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Granny Hexagon Gift Bags

I was trawling for a new crochet project, and I came across a Granny Hexagon shopper. I was fascinated by how it was constructed from just ten artfully-arranged hexagons. Magic! I love modular designs. So today's papercraft project is a crochet lesson of sorts. If you ever want to make a crocheted hexagon market bag, you'll know how to put it together.

The secret is that the hexagons at the centre side fold to the back, as do the base hexagons. The pic below is of the bag back:

I've designed my papery bag with a decorative wrapped handle-grip.

I've made the bags in two sizes. The mini fits on an A4 sheet. The larger size is pieced at the bottom and requires two pieces of paper. 

Here are your printables:



The bags are fun to make. Remember to snip into the side margins on either side of the hexagons as indicated. This allows you to turn back the side margins. Glue these first, before you stick down the hexagons onto the bag back.

These would make a fun presentation idea for a gift voucher for a crocheter. You never can have enough yarn (or paper)!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Retro Flower Garlands: Cut-Outs

These pretty filigree flower links have the same basic design as yesterday's project, Retro Flower Garlands. The diff is that these are cut-outs, which makes them completely reversible - and extremely suitable for open spaces. When linked into cascades, the flower streamers will flutter prettily. Make them up all-one-size or in graduated sizes.

To join the links, simply fold the extension around the loop of the previous link. Glue the tail in place (you may need to trim it to fit).

If cutting the .pdf file out by hand, I suggest removing the cut-out teardrop shapes with a craft knife, cutting out around each flower with scissors, and removing the centre hole with a 1/8 in hand-held circle punch.

Of course, a digital papercutter will make short work of the project.

Here are your free files:

 These garlands would make ideal decs for a winter wedding.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Retro Flower Garlands

Thought I'd offer some alternative festive garlands. These "flower power" links can be strung as garlands or cascades. Just a teeny dab of glue is all you need to secure the tab on the flower back. These are single-sided garlands - so best anchored to a wall.

Here are your free printables:


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Tab Mini Baskets

Here's an easy and fun project that you can make up quickly in quantity. These teeny basket bags have a loop handle, all-in-one construction, and a pretty folded swirl star decoration. The pillow-envelope base is coloured for easy folding.

Here are your free printables:


1 Score all the fold lines. I use a fine-point embossing tool held against a small metal ruler.
2 Cut out the Mini Basket, dot, and star.
3 Glue the dot on to the wrong side of the basket back, covering the flip side of the slit. 
4 On the printed side of the basket, carefully cut the slit through all layers, and the U-shaped cut. 
5 Crease all the folds, including the curved pillow bases. 
6 Apply d/s tape or glue to the side flaps. Join front to back along the sides, matching the edges. 
7 Fold in the pillow-shaped marquise shapes to seal the ends. Fold the back first, then the front on top.
8 To fasten the bag top, pop the U-shaped front tab into the back slit.
9 To make the star-swirl decorations: a. crease the triangles at the base of each fold. b. fold each triangle arm down consecutively, hooking them around where necessary. Fluff up the points to accentuate the 3-D effect. Stick onto the mini basket with a sticky dot.

These make sweet party favours.


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Paper Furoshiki Bags

Furoshiki is the Japanese art of wrapping parcels in fabric - result: elegant and recyclable giftwrap designs! I thought - why not do a papercraft version? These pretty mini-wraps are inspired by furoshiki.
They look like bunnies - or spacehoppers! Although you may not be able to use them a million times, if you unwrap them carefully they can be re-used several times.

To "tie" them, simply slip the loop through the slots. (I have reinforced the slots, with multiple use in mind.) To make a festive bow topknot, just stick on several loop handles on each side of the wrap (max 3, I recommend). Fan them out after you have passed them through the slot for optimum topknot effect.

A how-to-fold tut follows below.

Here are your free printables: 


How to Fold your Furoshiki:
1 Cut out the bag and loops. Glue on the reinforcements. Fold each loop in half - but do not crease the top - keep it a soft fold. Glue the bottom edges of each loop together. Score the loop base fold. Glue a loop onto the top of each bag side. Remember to fill your bag with contents before you fold it!
2 Pass a loop through a slot until the base is flush with the slot.
3 Pass the remaining loop through the same slot.
4 This is a pic of what you now have.
5 Pass the loops through the remaining slot to close the bag.
6 There you have it - the finished furoshiki bag. Fluff out the loops for max bunny effect. To open the parcel, carefully lift the slots over the loops.
These make great party favours.