Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Paper Furoshiki Bags

Furoshiki is the Japanese art of wrapping parcels in fabric - result: elegant and recyclable giftwrap designs! I thought - why not do a papercraft version? These pretty mini-wraps are inspired by furoshiki.
They look like bunnies - or spacehoppers! Although you may not be able to use them a million times, if you unwrap them carefully they can be re-used several times.

To "tie" them, simply slip the loop through the slots. (I have reinforced the slots, with multiple use in mind.) To make a festive bow topknot, just stick on several loop handles on each side of the wrap (max 3, I recommend). Fan them out after you have passed them through the slot for optimum topknot effect.

A how-to-fold tut follows below.

Here are your free printables: 


How to Fold your Furoshiki:
1 Cut out the bag and loops. Glue on the reinforcements. Fold each loop in half - but do not crease the top - keep it a soft fold. Glue the bottom edges of each loop together. Score the loop base fold. Glue a loop onto the top of each bag side. Remember to fill your bag with contents before you fold it!
2 Pass a loop through a slot until the base is flush with the slot.
3 Pass the remaining loop through the same slot.
4 This is a pic of what you now have.
5 Pass the loops through the remaining slot to close the bag.
6 There you have it - the finished furoshiki bag. Fluff out the loops for max bunny effect. To open the parcel, carefully lift the slots over the loops.
These make great party favours.

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