Wednesday, 24 December 2014

"Loom Band" Party Garland

I've been brainstorming ideas for "alternative" party garlands - just in case you are bored with gluing loops of paper. Today's idea channels the loom band craze, which, you may have noticed, appeals to kids of all ages. The loops are paper, of course, but the look is pretty recognizable. Bonus: a Woven-Star Charm, which is fun to make in its own right. 

A faux loom band banner is, of course, great for kids' parties. But it would look just fine for New Year's Eve - you can easily make one in time. 

Here are your free designs:

To make up the garland, simply fold each loop in half and slip it through the previous loop. Don't crease the folds - soft folds are more authentic-looking (you can't crease a rubber band!). To end the chain, glue the last loop together. To secure the first loop, you can either tie the ends together with a piece of craft thread, or cut a strip of same-coloured paper, slip it through the ends and glue it down.

The how-tos for the Woven Star Charm are on the pattern template.

Have fun looping the loop!

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