Sunday, 21 December 2014

Retro Flower Garlands: Cut-Outs

These pretty filigree flower links have the same basic design as yesterday's project, Retro Flower Garlands. The diff is that these are cut-outs, which makes them completely reversible - and extremely suitable for open spaces. When linked into cascades, the flower streamers will flutter prettily. Make them up all-one-size or in graduated sizes.

To join the links, simply fold the extension around the loop of the previous link. Glue the tail in place (you may need to trim it to fit).

If cutting the .pdf file out by hand, I suggest removing the cut-out teardrop shapes with a craft knife, cutting out around each flower with scissors, and removing the centre hole with a 1/8 in hand-held circle punch.

Of course, a digital papercutter will make short work of the project.

Here are your free files:

 These garlands would make ideal decs for a winter wedding.