A browse through past projects:
Print-It Pleat-It Zinnia

Mandala Dinky Card + Envie

Flower-Topped Gift Box
Rosette-Topped Party Cups
Pleated Egg & Basket

Twist'n'Fold Valentine

Folded Heart Embellishment 2

Boingy Valentine

Valentine Gift Box

Stepped Pop-Up Thank You Card

Thanks a Bunch Pop-Up Card

Stars pillow bag

Snowflowers card and envelope '17
Card racks '17: mittens and patchwork star designs

Nested Doll Pockets

Starry Pleated Ornaments

Nested teddies

Bargello gift cup

A-Frame Calendar '18

2018 Calendar + Mailing Envelope

2018 Calendar Bowl

2018 Calendar Globe

Calendar Card

Ski Sweater Star Ornaments

Pineapple Gift Box


Pleated ornaments plus


Love Valentine Mandala Card
Yay! I'm on Craftsy :)

Soutache-inspired Gift Bag
Victorian-style cage card Valentine.
Printable Valentine gift box.
Thanks a bunch thaumatrope card.
2017 calendar bunting
Puffy pouch grab bag wraps
2017 Calendar complete on one A4 page.
Snowflower card + envies
Snowflower gift tags/ornaments.
Snowflower Cascades
Ski Sweater Paper Chains
Snowflower Paper Chains
Toast Rack Card Racks '26

Snowflowers Mug Hug

Hygge holiday cards

Folk art cards....

...and envies.

Happy hygge brekkie!

Harlequin globes - coordinate with previous designs!

Two new styles - threaded, pleats-within-pleats!

Storage in each pocket + centre well!

Lift tabs to free cupcake!
Picture window + easy access

Pleated diamonds. Colour-coded for easy folding!

Fiesta pillow box bunting. For parties or storage!

Easier than it looks - and folds down flat!

A pillow box with a split personality!

Retro crafty succulent gift box.

Scarf-print re-usable gift packaging.

Fun party favour - fits on just one piece of card!

A picnic basket with pillow box "wings".

Peek-a-boo pillow box - when there's no need for the surprise factor.

Spruce up a last-minute present.

Mirrors can be "outsies" or "insies".

Mini pockets on a book ring.

Scarf-print pillow box.

Springtime party favour.

Pretty wall space storage: basket-style bunting.

Milk carton printer's tray - hybrid storage container.

Flat-pack basket. Fun for papercraft parties.

Channelling the succulents trend!

Cubby dividers - upgrade!

Mini Milk Carton Modular Desktop Storage System.

Big for parties, mini for giftwrap.

Handbag-style goody bags - with mini-buntings!

Valentine Gift Bags.

Love Heart Treat Boxes. Mini-card on lid!

Glue-less mini shoeboxes! Pack flat

Dodecahedron calendar.

Foldy cards with surprise factor.
Foldy medallion cards.

Nice presentation with side-to-side boxes.
Stackable dinky cubes. Add a loop to make an ornament!

Pleated Globes - colour block version.

A starburst top and bottom!

Accordion envies - bunting or solo.

Each lantern is a concertina box - with a hat!

Print-and-cut paper pleating!

All-occasion food packaging.

Three-tiered tree treat box.

Sized to fit the Silhouette Curio.

Silhouette Curio stipple cards.

Papercraft/crochet hybrid!

Laced purse - 3D flowers!

Add a 3D flower!

Laced "leather" purses - papercraft project!

Swirl-close lattice design.
The look of Finnish Strawcraft.

Digi-craft version of trad Finnish strawcraft.

Turn a mug into a storage system!

Slider-style. Easy-access pull-handle.

Pillow box with flap-style closure.

Pillow Box Pockets. Papercraft Storage idea!

Storage bunting. From PaperCrafter Issue 84.

Pocket fans. Pretty party favours!

Add the lid to make the tray a box!

Desktop pencil tidy, sling design.

Ramp up the storage capability of a humble mug!

Hex Hatch Patch boxes.
Functional storage garland.
All the Folk Art Egg party makes.

Boxes, graduated sizes.

Pillow bags, faux button on flap.

Put a lid on the basket to make a gift box!

Cupcake wraps. Pattern inspired by Psanky eggs.

Wedge-velopes to store bits'n'bobs in.

Matchbox + tab = desktop storage solution.
The stair-steps practically make themselves!
Pennant pillow boxes.
With bunny ears!
Giftable size!

Inspired by Mexican papel picado.
Easy-pull slot lid.
Mini-loaf tin gift boxes.
Pyramid surprise box. Box within the box!
Pull tab - reveal message!
Festive makes 2014.... 1 of 2
Festive makes 2014... 2 of 2

Card & Stand - or memo cards & stand.

Two stand styles - extended base for bigger cards.

Toasties 2014!

The date & message blocks store inside the Milk Carton.

Milk Carton minis.
Jingle bell clappers!

Got a minute? Make a memo!

These really are paper... clips!

Washi Beads: get rolling! Use your washi stash.

Paper beads + gift boxes.

Paper beads inspired by origami paper!
Mexican Paper-Cut Paper Beads + gift bag.

Mexican Paper-Cut Paper Beads + Bag Topper pack.

Block Print Paper Beads + gift bags.

Paper Bead drying rack and Block Print-inspired Beads.

Festive Co-ordinates: Puffy Patchwork Stars and Matchbox Ornaments. 

Matchbox Ornaments: ornament/gift box!

Washi Bands gift packaging.

Washi Bands: friendship links.

Paper Patchwork containers: boxes, baskets - big and small.
Brand new template for HOTP: No. 7420. Layer up your paper patchwork blocks!

Scarf-Print Origami papers. Bottomless printables!
Modular boxes in Scarf Prints.
Scarf-Print Cards & Envies.

Matisse-y mini gift bags'n'tags.
Matisse-y mini gift boxes.
Matisse-y gift basket with drinking straw handle.
Cantilever sewing box. Nostaligia-craft for sewing enthusiasts!
Mini-Muffin Tins. Baking-inspired party favours or craft storage.
Fancy-fold Celtic Knots. One-piece construction,  apart from the hoops!
Hatbox pincushions.
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Horsehoe change purses.
A coil of corrugated holds the pins.
Card fits on top of gift matchbox.
Crazy patchwork  pop-up cards.
D-I-Y mirror card sequins.
Shaker-style gift box

Shisha-style gift tote

Ice cream cup gift containers

Milk Carton Matchboxes
Valentine treasure chest

Beautiful bells

Mock-block print stationery
Ski sweater snowflakes
Snowflake gift box
Mitten cards and envies

Xmas card racks (toast rack- style!)

Paper Penny Rugs
Kilt Pin Bag Decorations

Cantilever Sewing Box and Paper Spools
Quilter's Dolly and Paper Spools
Teabag-style Thread-winders and Presentation Baskets
Flower-shaped Ribbon Reels, Presentation Basket. Snowflake-shaped Ribbon-Winders.
Storage Caddies. (Bead storage on the right.)
Button Boxes: Matchboxes and Mini-Cigar Box (storage compartments inside).
Ribbon Hangers.
Pin Storage (and gift presentation)
Milk Carton Chest of Drawers.
Petal Pairs Bouquet and Basket
Hairclip-style Paper Paperclip
Papercraft Hairclip Ornaments (on notecards)
Envelo-Basket and Swirl Box (fits inside)
Organized Chaos Desk Caddies
Seashell Notecards
Papercraft Satchels
Lattice Bags