Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Fabergé Egg-Style Sliceform

Here's a Fabergé Egg-inspired sliceform that can be posted as a greeting and used as a decoration. It slots together - big fun to assemble - and folds flat for posting. (It fits neatly into a C6 envelope.)

Here's your free sliceform egg:


Assembly tips:

Print onto photocopier card. You must have two copies each of the largest eggs -
two with slots on top, two with slots on the bottom. Glue like large eggs together (a glue stick does the job best). 

Important: you must cut slots - not slits - for the egg to collapse down smoothly and stand up straight. 

First join the large eggs at centre slots, the progress to the medium and small eggs. 

For a more detailed explainer, check out my Sliceform Snowflake Card.

Happy papercrafting!

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