Sunday, 31 December 2017

Thanks a Bunch Pop-Up Card

Thank you cards always come in handy this time of year - so here's a quick-make pop-up:



Making up is easy. Pre-score the fold lines (remember to score the base of the pop-up). Stick the pop-up mechanisim inside the card cover with a few strategically-placed pieces of double-sided tape.

Wishing you a very happy and creative New Year!

Monday, 18 December 2017

Free Stars Pillow Bag

Here's a last-minute gift packaging freebie for you, in my trendy star print. 



The bag template is in two pieces for maximum size on an A4 print-and-cut.
On the bag front, the handle oval folds to the back, bottom portion remaining attached. Completely remove the handle oval on the bag back. 

Score the bag front sides and the bottom marquise shapes. Crease the folds.
Join bag front to back with glue or d/s tape. Pop open the pillow closure.

Have a cosmic Christmas! :)

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Starz Mini Gift Bag

Stars are having a cosmic moment on the fashion scene. Here's a link to a Guardian article dicussing the trend. So - I have decided to channel the trend in a paper-y way. Above, some handy mini-gift bags in a starry print. The bags are good size for sweets.

You can finish the bag with a ribbon through the hanging loops - or with a lolly stick (cake pop).

Here are your free design files:


The template is in two pieces - you can only fit so much on an A4 piece of card!
So - you must glue the back on to the front piece before assembling the bag (use a glue stick).

Glue the back section on top of the back bar of the front section. The flap fits in the rectangular opening on the front piece.

Score and crease the folds.

Fold the hanging loops on either side in half and glue them down. Glue the brad mats back-to-back. Insert the brads through the mats and insert them through the holes in the bag before assembling the bag (one on the tab, one on the bag front).

Join the bag sides, then the base. Squeeze the bag sides gently, narrowing at top. Tie a piece of string on to the top brad, behing the mat.

You can either glue a lolly stick or a thread a ribbon through the hanging loops at top. A 10cm lolly stick will have to be trimmed a bit - take care!

Coordinating gift tag included.

Have a superstar holiday season!  :)

Monday, 11 December 2017

Save the Dates

Here's a timely reminder to make the dates to give. My Calendar Bunting, above, is a print-and-cut for sale on Craftsy.

And don't forget the freebies on this blog:

Send the dates! :)


Friday, 8 December 2017

How to Craft with Paper, by Mollie Makes. Review.

With over 50 techniques and 20 easy project

 By Mollie Makes

Pavilion Books 2017

Paperback, UK £9.99

ISBN 978-1-911216-67-4

Star rating: ***1/2

It’s lovely to be gifted with a how-to book – so when the festivities are over, you can dive into a new pursuit for the New Year. How to Craft With Paper, from the Mollie Makes team,  provides a stylish intro to papercrafting for newbies.

The projects are super-appealing (loving Three Little Cacti Pots, by Sarah Matthews) and are accompanied by inspirational capsule bios of the designers. Projects include papier maché owl bowls and a mini party pinata, origami fairy lights shaped like lilies, an modular origami lampshade, cut and close flower boxes (ideal for gifting), and a Foxy Nights papercut. The projects all have stunning beauty shots (as you would expect of Mollie Makes), accompanied by photo how-tos.

The format of the book situates the projects up front, followed by the techniques section. This inverse order works with the breezy, get-acquainted vibe of the book. The technique section is good for what it is, accepting that papercrafting is an umbrella for many different crafts – nothing in depth, but clear info as provided. Newbies will appreciate the full-size templates, eliminating extra hassle. 

So – a likeable collection of papery projects, strictly for newbies.
Note: I was supplied with a review copy of this book.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Snowflowers Paper Chains '17

Snowflower paper chains for you - mix and match to achieve the configuration of your choice. Go all hexagonal links, all loops, or whatever combo you desire.

Here are your free print-and-cut paper chains:

Enjoy your links and loops! :)

Monday, 4 December 2017

Snowflowers Card and Envelope '17

This dinky card plus matching envie will come in handy during the festive season. If you are running short, just print and cut - and you are practically good to go. 

The motif of the card is a fantasical snowflower - part of the popular hybrid trend (as in cronuts). (Combining two of my favourite things - snowflakes and flowers.)

Here are your free design files:



Hope you have a festive holiday season! :)

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Card Racks 2017

Festive season - time for my annual toast rack-style card racks. This year, I have a fun mitten design and a patchwork motif to choose from. Bonus for you - a mitten motif card. Make them now, before the 10 December card blizzard!

These card racks are ideal if you prefer to browse rather than display holiday cards. 

Here are your free card rack design files:




Both card racks share the same base.

To assemble the card rack, print and cut your pieces. Score and fold the base of the card rack body. Glue the base tab - the arc-like slots form automatically.
Score and fold the tabs on the end pieces. Stick them on to the card rack ends, base tabs first, then sides, and finally top tab.

I like to add a whimsical piece of yarn mitten string to my card racks. Obviously, you must fasten the yarn before the end pieces are fully attached. Pierce a small hole at the base of each mitten (thumb side) and thread the yarn through the hole, knotting on the inside.

Happy festive crafting.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Quilling Art, By Sena Runa. Review.

By Sena Runa
GMC Publications, 2017
Paperback, £14.99 UK/ $19.95 US
ISBN 9781784943677
Star rating: ****

Quilling designer Sena Runa has a refreshingly contemporary and irreverent approach to quilling. Her designs have a beguiling fluidity and elegance. She has a successful online business – and in her new book, she generously shares her designs and making-up techniques. 

Sena’s preferred method is to create an outer shape which is then filled with quilled coils and shaped strips. A drawn template is your guide. Sena has a wonderful way with quilling strips – for example, the yin-yang effect inside the diamond compartments of her Snowflake design. She has an excellent eye for colour, and chooses pretty and playful motifs. She is also not afraid to combine quilling with whimsical drawn elements – the Mermaid, for example.  

The upfront section takes you through the paces of basic quilling techniques – shapes and best practice. 

Projects include Sun, Cloud, Heart, Lion, Duck Fish, Butterfly, Apple,Rose, Tulip, Birthday Balloons, Sailboat, Coffee Cup, and the previously mentioned Mermaid. Clear photographic step-by-steps are provided for each project. Back-of-book, full-size templates are provided.

The suggestion to display the designs as ribbon-hung ornaments is a very appealing idea – one which would make a superb stocking filler (if you got cracking with your quilling). The learning curve is not steep – but the papery curves are infinite! Well done, Sena Runa.

Note: I was provided with a review copy of this title.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Easy Papercut Ornaments

Here's an easy papercutting project designed for double-sided paper. It is fun to make - the template is constructed from a single strip of paper. There's a wow moment when the final design appears.

The flip side of the ornament looks like this: 
.... so use it as a decorative giftwrap embellishment.

Here is your free papercut ornament file:


I print the flip side of my paper with the colour of my choice. I make the folds against a small metal ruler. When folding, make sure the cut-outs are on top.
Add a craft thread hanging loop.

So, a quick project featuring two of my favourite papercraft-y things - papercutting and double-sided paper.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Nested Doll Pockets

Here's a fun paper take on Russian matryoshka dolls. Print and cut the three dolls - they all fit on to one A4 sheet of photocopier card! :)
They make cute party favours or envelope enclosures - but they are not for under 3s. (Of course, you can enlarge them on the photocopier.)

Here are your free nested dolls:
Nested Dolls.pdf 

Making up is a cinch. The how-tos are printed on the page.

Happy papercrafting. :)

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Starry Pleated Ornaments

Star motifs are having a moment - not that they ever go out of style. Since they are super-suited to the festive season, here is a pleated ornament with a 3-D star feature. Cosmic!

In order for the projecting stars to be yellow on both sides, you either have to print on yellow card or print the flip side of your white card yellow. (I have supplied you with a .pdf of a matching colour yellow.)

Here are your free files: 


Print on flip side of card.
I am not giving you detailed how-tos on how to make these pleated ornaments. For a quick study, check out my Pleated Paper Globes Tutorial.  

Also take a look at New Look Pleated Globe Ornaments.

I won't kid you - there is a bit of a learning curve. The trick is reversing the folds at the points - pop! Once you've cracked it, making pleated paper ornaments will be more-ish.  

Enjoy papercrating your Starry Pleated Ornaments.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Nested Teddy Bears

These cute nested teddies are inspired by Russian dolls. Tuck the successively smaller teddies into the pockets (kangaroo-style!) . There's a mailing envelope in a coordinating print, too.

Here are your freebie nesting teddies:


To make the teddies, simply cut out the shapes. Affix a pocket on to each teddy bear. Glue on backs are supplied, for a tidy finish.

The small size bears are not for under 3. You can enlarge the design - and make a suitable larger envelope.

Enjoy making and giving the nested teddies! :)