Friday, 8 December 2017

How to Craft with Paper, by Mollie Makes. Review.

With over 50 techniques and 20 easy project

 By Mollie Makes

Pavilion Books 2017

Paperback, UK £9.99

ISBN 978-1-911216-67-4

Star rating: ***1/2

It’s lovely to be gifted with a how-to book – so when the festivities are over, you can dive into a new pursuit for the New Year. How to Craft With Paper, from the Mollie Makes team,  provides a stylish intro to papercrafting for newbies.

The projects are super-appealing (loving Three Little Cacti Pots, by Sarah Matthews) and are accompanied by inspirational capsule bios of the designers. Projects include papier maché owl bowls and a mini party pinata, origami fairy lights shaped like lilies, an modular origami lampshade, cut and close flower boxes (ideal for gifting), and a Foxy Nights papercut. The projects all have stunning beauty shots (as you would expect of Mollie Makes), accompanied by photo how-tos.

The format of the book situates the projects up front, followed by the techniques section. This inverse order works with the breezy, get-acquainted vibe of the book. The technique section is good for what it is, accepting that papercrafting is an umbrella for many different crafts – nothing in depth, but clear info as provided. Newbies will appreciate the full-size templates, eliminating extra hassle. 

So – a likeable collection of papery projects, strictly for newbies.
Note: I was supplied with a review copy of this book.

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