Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Tab Mini Baskets

Here's an easy and fun project that you can make up quickly in quantity. These teeny basket bags have a loop handle, all-in-one construction, and a pretty folded swirl star decoration. The pillow-envelope base is coloured for easy folding.

Here are your free printables:


1 Score all the fold lines. I use a fine-point embossing tool held against a small metal ruler.
2 Cut out the Mini Basket, dot, and star.
3 Glue the dot on to the wrong side of the basket back, covering the flip side of the slit. 
4 On the printed side of the basket, carefully cut the slit through all layers, and the U-shaped cut. 
5 Crease all the folds, including the curved pillow bases. 
6 Apply d/s tape or glue to the side flaps. Join front to back along the sides, matching the edges. 
7 Fold in the pillow-shaped marquise shapes to seal the ends. Fold the back first, then the front on top.
8 To fasten the bag top, pop the U-shaped front tab into the back slit.
9 To make the star-swirl decorations: a. crease the triangles at the base of each fold. b. fold each triangle arm down consecutively, hooking them around where necessary. Fluff up the points to accentuate the 3-D effect. Stick onto the mini basket with a sticky dot.

These make sweet party favours.


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