Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Granny Hexagon Gift Bags

I was trawling for a new crochet project, and I came across a Granny Hexagon shopper. I was fascinated by how it was constructed from just ten artfully-arranged hexagons. Magic! I love modular designs. So today's papercraft project is a crochet lesson of sorts. If you ever want to make a crocheted hexagon market bag, you'll know how to put it together.

The secret is that the hexagons at the centre side fold to the back, as do the base hexagons. The pic below is of the bag back:

I've designed my papery bag with a decorative wrapped handle-grip.

I've made the bags in two sizes. The mini fits on an A4 sheet. The larger size is pieced at the bottom and requires two pieces of paper. 

Here are your printables:



The bags are fun to make. Remember to snip into the side margins on either side of the hexagons as indicated. This allows you to turn back the side margins. Glue these first, before you stick down the hexagons onto the bag back.

These would make a fun presentation idea for a gift voucher for a crocheter. You never can have enough yarn (or paper)!

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