Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Pyramid Surprise Boxes

These little gift boxes make excellent grab-bag gift packaging, or are suitable as tabletop party favours. Add a hanging loop at the apex and you could even use them as tree ornaments. There's a box-within-the-box, so you can put a small gift in the bottom container and pop a choc on top for a double surprise.

Scandi Ski Sweater prints are big this season, so I went with that. The tags are optional. And, of course, either the pyramid or the mini-box can be used on its own.

Here are your free printables:




The boxes are really quick and easy to make. Cut out the boxes, score the folds. Fold the folds - make the creases sharp! The "wings" on each triangle are folded to the inside of the box. Assemble the mini-box - just glue or d/s tape the adjacent tabs. To close the mini box, fold down one top flap at a time, tucking the last one in. The rounded corner of each flap goes on top. Pop the (filled) mini-box onto the base of the pyramid - no need to stick it down. To close the triangle, thread a tapestry needle with a length of Baker's Twine, pass it through the holes at the apex of the triangles. Draw the twine up, tie a bow. The gift tag is optional.

Enjoy making these festive gift boxes.