Saturday, 1 November 2014

Snowflower Cards & Stands

I got this idea from my Toast Rack Card Racks. My lightbulb moment? Make a stand with just one slot in it and it can be used to display a solo card - or as a placecard stand for a tablesetting (sort of a one-slice toast rack, if you will). You can also insert a bunch of cards and use the cards as memos - Post-It note alternatives.

It would be fun to send a card along with a pre-cut flat-pack stand. The stand is super-simple to make: cut out (of course), crease the folds.To assemble, stick the sloted band onto the base at either side (shape the band so it curves easily into an arch). Next, stick the side panel top tabs onto the band (at 12 o'clock) - on both front and back.

There are two versions of the stand. The one with the extended base can support slightly heavier cards. (You don't have to use the card stand exclusively with the co-ordinating Snowflower Card.)

Here are your freebies:


Snowflowers? My take on fantasy snowflakes. Have fun sending these easy-make greetings.

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