Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bigger, Two-Tone Milk Cartons

Big guys and little ones shown.

I've already given you Mini Milk Carton Gift Boxes, which have a one-piece template. Today, I'm goint to mutiply your options. Sometimes, you need a bigger Milk Carton Gift Box. To fit the pattern template onto an A4 page, the milk carton must be divided into panels.
Each Milk Carton Gift Box consists of four different panels: front, back, right, left. A bonus: you can mix and match the printed panels to make a two-tone Milk Carton Gift Box. 

Here are your free printables:

Making the Milk Cartons is pretty easy. Cut out the pieces, score the folds, crease the folds. The main thing to remember is to alternate the panels when you join the sides: side-front-side-back.

If you seal the top flap, you can still fill the carton with its contents through the "trap door" on the bottom.

The finishing touch: punch two holes on the top flap, thread through a baker's twine bow. 

Happy gifting!

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