Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Origami Home, by Mark Bolitho. Review.

The Origami Home

Beautiful Miniature Furniture Projects

By Mark Bolitho, Chair of the British Origami Society

Jacqui Small 2014

Hardcover £20-00

ISBN 971-1-909342-51-4

Star rating: *****

I am fast-tracking this review so I can bring it to you during World Origami Days.

The Origami House is a genius “concept book”. With this book/kit  (papers are included), you can make a houseful of origami furniture models, designed by pro origami designer Mark Bolitho (who happens to be the Chair of the British Origami Society). The furniture is beautifully photographed in styled roomsets worthy of a glossy decorating magazine. The book is accompanied by 55 sheets of specially-designed origami-paper home furnishing prints (wallpapers and home textiles) by name designers.

My favourite spread it the Modern-Retro dining room (the cover pic), in mid-century modern style (channelling the Festival of Britain), prints provided by the ever-clever Mini Moderns. Other miniature treasures include a flat screen TV, a standard lamp and shade, and a Welsh dresser. The Workspace, is a complete workstation with computer and keyboard, deskchair, and reading lamp. (If IKEA did origami, it would look like this.) There’s also a bed with plump pillows and a coverlet, and a bathroom suite. The only disappointments: no kitchen or garden furniture – I guess that leaves the door open for a follow-up title. 

The models are clearly explained with detailed step-by-step illustrations using standard origami annotations. These projects are not for beginners, so if you are thinking child’s Chrismas gift, then I would suggest buying this yummy book for yourself now, then making the origami models as a gift to give. Presentation idea: you could house the roomsets in shoeboxes or in a homemade cardboard carton doll’s house.

The specially-designed papers are glossy finish and durable. The prints and patterns are to die for. Designs are by Jane Churchill, Little Greene, Malabar, and (as previously mentioned) Mini Moderns. The photography is by Michael Wicks, who has many swish corporate clients. 

Whether you are an origami crafter or a miniature enthusiast, this book is big on the fun factor.

Note: I was provided with a review copy of this title.