Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tiny Terrapins

Petal Pairs pets - you know, for kids.

Here are some fun paper pets you can make with your kids. To make the tiny terrapins, you need Tonic Studios Petal Pairs paper punches: shape 6 (for the body) and Petal Pairs Petites shape 4 (for the shell).

Punch two shape 6s in green and trim each Petal Pair as shown.You must remove two petals from each - and you need to trim a pointy tail on the centre back petal. Overlap the join and glue with PVA to make the terrapin body as shown.

Next, punch two Petites - one in light green paper, the other in darker green. Interlock these Petal Pairs as ususal to make the shell. Cup the interlocked Petal Pairs to shape the shell dome. Glue the petals in place to fix the shape of the turtle shell. Almost done - attach the shell to the body with foam sticky squares - three stacked squares will do. You can either draw on the eyes with a felt-tip or glue on tiny punched circles (from a 1/16" circle punch). That's it!
Each Tiny Terrapin measures about 1" (2.5cm) across.

Have fun crafting your Petal Pairs pets!  

Paper: Craft Creations painted style - good motled effect for the shell!

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