Friday 15 June 2012

Petal Pairs Friendship Bracelets

Daisy chain friendship bracelets - perfect party favours!

These pretty flower garland friendship bracelets are ideal party favours for a little girl's party. Or, enclose them with gifts or cards as a special surprise.

The garlands are fun to make. All are crafted using Tonic Studios Petal Pairs Shape 2 from Box Set 1. The Petal Pairs flowers all have 5 petals - but a 4-petal flower makes for easier garland-making. So, here's an easy method to transform Petal Pairs into 4-petal shapes:

Snip, slide, glue to make 4-petal flowers.

Just snip to the centre of the Petal Pair shape. Apply tacky PVA glue to
the "under" petal. Slide the adjacent petal on top, with edges matching. That's
all it takes to make a 4-petal flower. Interlock two Petal Pairs to make a flower.
The flower centres are inked with Tim Holtz Distress Markers - then given a
swoosh with a water brush to create a pretty watercolour look. The linking leaves are punched out from green paper using the same 4-petal technique, but only one is needed.

To assemble the garland, apply glue to the underside of 4 alternate flower leaf-tips. Glue these onto the green leaves. Alternate flowers with leaves, with leaves at both ends of the garland chain. You can adjust the size of the garland to fit the wearer's wrist - our garlands are made with 8 leaves and 7 flowers.

With a 1/16in circle paper hand punch, punch a hole in the centres of the two end leaves. Trim off the two end petals of each end leaf. Loop craft thread through the holes, making a half-hitch knot. It is a good idea to reinforce the backs of the last leaf links with PVA glue - you can apply the glue to the craft
thread, too.
The pink gerbera daisy has a yellow flower centre glued on.

(Note: I had to cheat a little for the pink gerbera daisy chain - too deep a colour of paper to ink with yellow marker. So... I glued a yellow flower centre onto the top Petal Pair before turning it into a 4-petal flower and inking it...) 

Of course, you can use the same technique to make flower garlands with all the other Tonic Studios Petal Pairs punches. The garlands are lovely and 3-D with  raised flower centres!

Supplies: Petal Pairs punch, Shape 2, from Tonic Studios Petal Pairs Box Set 1
(880e), Inspire Me Premium Paper, Tim Holtz Distress Markers -Mustard Seed, Brushed Corduroy;  tacky glue, craft thread.


  1. These are really pretty! Ruth :)

  2. They are really wonderful. will be making some for my granddaughter's birthday. she will be 6 in August. Thanks for this idea. Laure Suzy