Sunday, 10 February 2013

Woven Heart Valentines

Last minute Valentines. Print and cut the card blank. Weave the hearts.
Here's a speedy last-minute Valentine. 

The heart is a variation on a traditonal Swedish woven heart - it has a cutout heart in the middle, through which you can see the heart mat underneath. Adds a little 3-D interest. Although there's a centre hole, the heart is woven in the usual way: over, under; under, over. Glue
down the woven ends and you are good to go.

I clipped the card fold 1cm(3/8in) either end and wrapped it with baker's twine. 

The printed paper for the woven heart is from a 6 x 6in Bohemian Bamboo paper pad by Prima. (I was a goner as soon as I clocked the name of the pad and the lovely collection of retro patterns in sophisticated colourways...)