Saturday, 29 June 2013


This is a digi-cut Bagvelope.
This is a printable Bagvelope. Clock the trompe l'oeil effect - no cutouts here (well, just the handle). Looks pretty convincing!
Four different styles to choose from!
Here they are as printables.
Inspired by mesh shopping bags, these cute mini-folders make handy note enclosures. The sides are pleated, so each can hold several note cards (supplied in the download).
A Bagvelope is ideal for gift card presentation. Just stick the gift card onto a note card with a sticky dot (Dodz from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L). Inscribe the card on the back. Then tie the Bagvelope handle with a bow for security.
Bow-tied Bagvelopes.
Here are your free Bagvelope downloads, followed by several making-up tips:
Slip a coloured liner inside the lattice-cut cards.
The Bagvelope's one-piece construction, folded.
Crease the turn-backs, then fold each extension in half, accordion-style.
Use a bone folder to make nice, crisp pleats.
Stick the sides, fold up the back, then set the creases.
Stick the oval labels onto the Bagvelope front. Use Dodz.
The Bagvelopes are fun and simple to make, whether you are making a digi-cut version or simply cutting out a printable. If you want cards rather than envelopes, simply remove the folded flaps to either side of the card front.

Other ideas: for a fancy version, do a bit of ribbon-weaving in the lattice-cut version. Try it with quilling strips!