Saturday, 28 June 2014

Washi Bands Friendship Bracelets (Digi-cut version)

... and now for the Digi-Cut version of Washi Bands. Digitally-cut links are, of course, more precise - and the shapes are fancier and can have greater variation in size. The links cannot be cut from rolls of washi tape - you must use self-adhesive Washi Paper (WRMK Washi Paper), stuck onto a backing of tracing paper or vellum. You get the same lovely translucent links as in the hand-cut washi bands

Here is your cutting file download:
And here is the file for the gift container/storage box (in a different colourway from yesterday):

Making Up Tips:

I have supplied you with with a basic cutting file for the links. To make a bracelet, you will need to cut out one "first link" (with the centre bar) and several ordinary links (about 11-12 ordinary links). Adhere the washi paper onto a tracing paper or vellum backing before digi-cutting the links.

Here's a pic of some digi-cut links:

Bracelet (and gift box) assembly is exactly the same as for hand-cut Washi Bands.
Digi-cut links can be made up in quantity. You don't absolutely have to use washi paper: try cutting them out of ordinary paper in small print patterns. The effect is still very pretty!