Friday, 12 September 2014

Paper Flowers, by Denise Brown

Paper Flowers

35 beautiful step-by-step projects

By Denise Brown

Cico Books, September 2014

Paperback, £12.99

Star rating: ****

Yes, another paper flower book – everybody’s jumping on the paper flower bandwagon. Don’t pass this one by though – it’s a winner.

The author, Denise Brown, is not a stickler for horticultural authenticity. Inspiration – not imitation –  is the name of the game.  Although most of her creations could not quite be categorized as fantasy flowers, she does take lots of creative license with her designs. This approach works a treat, and the flowers in this book have personality-plus. The flowers are cheerful – very giftable, or suitable for home decor.

My favourite aspect of the book is its variety in the choice of papery materials and crafting techniques, selections dictated by the flower form that is to be achieved. You will find flowers made out of cupcake liners (anemones), tracing paper (dandelion clocks, honesty seed head), pearlised quilling paper (hyacinths), and coffee filters, as well as those made from more conventional paper flower-making materials, such as crepe- and tissue paper. The author appreciates the value of double-sided paper (Origami Flowers).

The skill level of the book is accessible to all, with lots of fun techniques to keep you interested. Fringing, shaping, layering, colouring.  In addition to the flowers, there are some delightful paper-cut seed packets.

The book is divided into three categories Simple Yet Stunning, Bright and Beautiful, and Sophisticated Style. Well-drawn step-by-step illustrations accompany each design, along with thorough how-tos. Full-sized pattern templates are provided back-of-book.

Scottish readers: the crepe paper Thistle Head may come in very handy.

So, for a paper flower book that focuses on fun, this could be the one for you.  Many of the projects have kid-appeal, and would be suitable as a “together” crafting project.

Note: I was sent a review copy of this title.