Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Milk Carton Bells

I haven't had any makes on the blog for a while - so I thought I'd resume my batch of festive decs for 2014. I love all things Milk Carton, so today I have for you Milk Carton Bell ornaments. They are mostly fun and decorative - but if you attach a jingle bell as a clapper, you will make a gentle noise:
A button or a pony bead can also serve as a clapper - low-noise variety.

Here are your freebie files:


The bells are a cinch to make. Cut out the pieces, punch the top holes (1/8in circle punch). Score, then crease all the folds. (All the folds are mountain folds, apart from the top flaps and the indentations at the sides, which are valley folds.) Join the sides, alternating tall and short sides. (Use either PVA glue or d/s tape.) Loop a piece of string, tie on the clapper. Thread the clapper though the top hole, then secure the bell top, pressing sides together. Make a hanging loop with the remainder of the bell string. I like to add beads to the string tails.

The bells can be used as tree ornaments, or as hanging features on paper chains.