Sunday, 21 June 2015

Summer Swirl Pinwheel/Windmill. Print and cut!

Summer solstice today - so I thought I'd post a breezy and fun summer project. Pinwheels/windmills - whatever you call them - are pure joy when they are whirling in the wind. 

These pinwheels (this post is a transatlantic mash-up), are soo easy to make for two reasons: 1 I've provided you with print-and-cut templates. 2 They are constructed with the brilliant new pinwheel attachments kit from WRMK. The pinwheel attachment kits come with easy-assembly hardware and a choice of  candy-stripe straw in six colours. Very affordable, too. What a great idea!

Here is your free printable pinwheel template:

Summer Swirls Pinwheel/Windmill

Here's How:
1 Print the pinwheel on 160gsm photocopier card and cut it out. For each pinwheel you need two pinwheel sails and the flower, which conceals the pinwheel end cap. You also need the WRMK pinwheel attachments kit.

2  You can make up the pinwheel with sails in contrasting colours, or the same colours. Lay the sails on a flat surface, white side up. Interlace the sails, as shown in the picture above.

3 Push the centre spoke onto the main piece of the WRMK pinwheel attachment. Slip the inter-leaved pinwheel head onto the centre spoke.

4 Thread the arms of each pinwheel sail onto the centre spoke, as shown above. When all 8 arms are in place, push on the end cap. The flower is attached to the end cap with a bit of d/s tape.

If you prefer, you can make a simple pinwheel using only one of the sails.

Your pinwheel is finished and ready to go. Give it a spin - it twirls speedily and smoothly!

Making these pinwheels is so easy and fun, you'll want to make a windfarm!

Spin doctor: if you tie on a ribbon to flutter in the breeze, tie it onto pinwheel handle, clearing the pinwheel head, not the hardware. You don't want to prevent free-spinning.

Remember that pinwheels are made with small pieces and are unsuitable for children under 3.

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