Monday, 18 July 2016

Mexican Papercut Pillow Box Bunting

Here's a fun storage idea that makes use of unused wallspace - a pillow box bunting. The pillow boxes have built-in hanging loops - just thread them on to a ribbon. Each box is decorated with a simplified papercut inspired by Mexican papel picado banners. 

Here are your freebie designs:


Make the pillow boxes out of plain paper in bright colours. Cut the banners from ordinary photocopier paper. I have fastened the banners to the boxes with craft thread ties, but you can substitute mini-brads.
Your life will be a whole lot easier if you attach the banners to the boxes before assembling the boxes!

This pillow box bunting would make a fab party dec - make a pillow box for each guest (a name label on each box), place goodies inside.

For a pillow box gift box, eliminate the hanging loops.

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