Friday, 10 March 2017

Stitch, Fabric & Thread, by Elizabeth Healey. Review.

Stitch, Fabric & Thread

An inspirational guide for creative stitchers

By Elizabeth Healey

Search Press 2017

Paperback  £14.99 UK/ $24.99 US

ISBN 978-1-78221-285-0

Star rating: *****

Yes, I know this is a papercraft  blog – but the source of my inspiration is frequently needlecraft and this new title by Elizabeth Healey is an appreciation of many of the fabric manipulation techniques that kindle my creative fire.This lively new title covers many wonderful needlecraft specialities, including shisha mirror embroidery, Suffolk puffs, penny rugs, mola (reverse appliqué) and so much more.  All interspersed with a dash of cultural and/or historical background and super how-to tips. This book provides exactly what is says on the tin, delivering on the promise of the title's strap line.

The projects are delightful and the author successfully updates many techniques with time-saving tweaks (such as the cheat’s molas worked with felt cut-outs – no edges to turn under).

The fact that many (probably all) creative endeavours are underpinned by mathematical principles strikes fear into the hearts of many crafters – Elizabeth Healey proudly revels in this knowledge, and shares her wondrous discoveries.  She says , “I was once told that sewing is basically applied mathematics. If maths was your most hated subject at school, don’t panic”. Another gem is citing that creating a seemingly random pattern is not as easy as it sounds. Yay. 

A weekend browse of this book could send your crafting off in splendid new directions. Would also make a fab Mother’s Day gift.