Friday, 28 April 2017

Paper Quilling, by Elizabeth Moad. Review.

All the skills you need to make 20 beautiful projects

By Elizabeth Moad

Search Press 2017

Paperback UK £9.99/US $15.95

ISBN 978-1-78221-425-0

Star rating: *****

Quilling is papercrafter Elizabeth Moad’s area of expertise – and her brand new book of projects for newbies has lots of verve and variety. The 20 projects have a fresh, contemporary feel – they let the lace-like swirls and arabesques of the quilled shapes take centre stage, while avoiding decorative overload.

You will learn how to make and shape quilled coils, how to fashion mini-roses by twisting and turning quilling strips, and you will learn husking – how to form decorative loops of quilling paper by guiding the strips around strategically-placed pins in a foam board. Fringed quilling is also featured - this involves the use of a fringing gadget, probably the most expensive bit of kit in the quiller’s craft box (the rest of the quilling supplies are low-budget) the result: ever-popular fringed flowers – real showstoppers. Another clever technique is illustrated in the Wreath Card, in which a Border Buddy ™ tool, a shaped plastic support, is used to create a free-wheeling, Catherine-wheel effect. 

Elizabeth’s clever use of materials and innovative techniques include using decorative edging scissors to add interest to a quilling strip: result – rolled cone flowers. Flower motifs predominate because the organic curves of quilled forms lend themselves to natural shapes. There’s also a super-cute owl motif. The author knows just how to tweak her designs to add interest – a well-placed curl here, a bit of 3-D shaping there. Embellishments are kept to a minimum – for max effect – a ribbon here, a well-placed bead, a bit of stitching. 

Projects include an Anniversary Gift Bag using a crimping tool, ridged cogs that create crinkled ridges in the quilling strips, and Hanging Decorations, 3-D stars, made using a quilling comb – loop the strips around the prongs. Nice how the projects are used to highlight the use of a particular tool or technique, focusing on just one new skill per project.

It might have been nice to see some quilled typography – a pleasing trend that’s been very big recently. I suppose gluing the quilling strips on-end  to outline the letters was deemed too tricky a technique for beginner’s to attempt. 

The Table of Contents acts as a picture gallery of the projects, chapter headings are Cycle of Life, Big Days, Festive Fun, and Family Moments. Step-by-step photos and text accompany each project. Upfront, you’ve got a capsule History of Quilling, a rundown of tools and materials, plus basic how-tos. 

Paper Quilling is the companion volume to Elizabeth Moad’s Paper Folded Flowers, which I reviewed in my previous blogpost

With this book and a few simple quilling supplies, you could easily learn a new creative skill over the bank holiday.

Note:  I was supplied with a review copy of this title.

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