Saturday, 20 May 2017

Gingham Pocket

This is a quickie project - a cute gingham pocket that makes a sweet card enclosure, topper, or party favour. The purpose of my doing it is to suss out Silhouette Studio 4 (it seems very intuitive) and how to post make-it project links to you.

The pocket has accordion-pleated sides - the folds are indicated by the coloured-areas on the template:
Easy-peasy. You can add the reinforcements to the right or flip sides - your call.

Here are your free patterns:

Hope this works. Sil studio seemed to want to save in Studio 3- probably for the best as you may not have upgraded to Studio 4 yet.

Anyhow - hope this clears the way for more makes in future! Enjoy. A tisket, a tasket - a folded gingham basket (paper variety).