Saturday, 23 September 2017

Magic Message Card

Pleats are neat! This fun interactive novelty greeting card carries two messages on its accordion-pleated surface. Look to the right: Season's Greetings. Look to the left: Happy New Year. 

Since the greeting is dimensional, so is its envelope - a custom-tailored pillow box.

Here are your free Magic Message Card files:

To Make Up:
1 Print and cut the files onto photocopier card (copy paper for the liner).
2 Mark the fold lines with an fine-point embossing tool (for straight lines, hold against a small metal ruler).
3 Crease the folds. Use a bone folder for the straight lines.
4 Accordion-pleat the card front. Stick it onto the card base at either side. A plece of double-sided tape under the pleats holds it in place.
5 Place the liner in the card (d/s tape again).
6 Assemble the pillow envelope. Pop the card inside and shut the sides.

Season's Greetings/Happy New Year! October's almost here - time to get busy on the card-making assembly line. :)


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