Monday, 27 February 2012

Best Buddies

Matchbook-style notepads decorated with folded Petal Pairs.

After uploading the previous tutorial, I got hooked on crafting buds using Tonic Studios Petal Pairs punches. The buds are made by folding the petals to the flower centre consecutively, then tucking the last one in. (My previous post's how-tos said to fold the petals clockwise - but lefties, of course, can fold in the opposite direction.) An original Petal Pairs shape makes a generous-sized (but still cute) bud. And the new Petal Pairs Petites make sweet "nano buds".

The nano buds are especially pretty - they remind me of embroidered French knots. A bud can be used as a papercrafted alternative to a bullet point, calling attention to text in a delightfully different way.

Here's a quick project featuring the buds: matchbook-style notepads with flower vase focals. You can fill them with paper, use them as brag books (with photos), or craft them as mini-cards.

The shapes are quite simple to cut out by hand. I crafted these notepads using my very lovely Silhouette Cameo machine (in case you were wondering about the print-and-cut effects). I don't know how to upload an svg file yet - so here's a j-peg for you:

Chalk the edges of the notepad cover for definition. Fold the bottom tab up and crease it, insert the pages, then punch holes at the marked dots through all layers with an 1/8" circle handpunch. Thread a ribbon through the holes and tie a bow. Tuck the cover into the base, finger-pressing a soft fold at the top. Attach a vase and label with ds tape, then glue on the buds in an artful arrangement. Easy and very quick.

Ready for the close-up? You can see the buds more clearly here:

Papers: pastel stripes and Random (for the buds) from Craft Creations.

Happy crafting.