Saturday, 25 February 2012

Flower Basket Card

Suitable for Mother's Day, Easter - or just plain Springtime.
This fun-to-make card is crafted with Tonic Studios Petal Pairs punches - an original Petal Pairs shape for the flowers and one of the new Petites for the leaves. Each flower has a dimensional embellishment in the centre which is created by folding the Petal Pair flower itself - I call this effect a Center Perk.

Here's how to make the Center Perks:
Center Perks: Step-by-step

For each flower, you need three punched Petal Pairs shapes - two of the same colour, and one in a contrast colour for the Center Perk. You also need a Petite shape from which to cut the leaves.

1 Place the Center Perk shape face down on top of one of the other Petal Pair flowers. 

2 Interlock the Petal Pairs flowers in the usual way.

3 - 5 Now for the magic - a little bit of fancy folding. Fold each Center Perk petal inwards to the flower centre. No need to measure - just eye it. Crease the petals so they meet at the centre. Now fold the petals consecutively, clockwise. When you get to the last petal, tuck it under the first one to complete the Center Perk.

(Note: you can make buds using this folding technique - simply use a single Petal Pair shape.)

6 For the leaves, cut off two petals from the Petites flower. Crease each leaf down the centre. Glue the leaves underneath the flower.

You can make Center Perks using most of the Petal Pairs shapes - have fun experimenting. Here's how to choose which punches to use for the flowers, and which ones to use for the leaves:
Top row - flowers; bottom row - leaves.

The "bobos", or rounded shapes are best for flowers. The "kikis", or pointier shapes are best for the leaves.

The card itself is a cinch to make. Here's the template:

Basket and tags

Card front is attached to the back with ds tape. The flowers are attached to the basket with sticky dots.

I used: Bazzill Basics Dotted Swiss cardstock. Flowers are punched from Craft Creations Random Painted Style paper. 

That concludes my first tutorial. Thanks for putting up with my first blogging steps. More soon...