Friday, 2 November 2012

Snowflake Ribbon/Twine Winders

A cute stocking-filler: ribbon-wrapped snowflake.
You can add a folded centre snowflake.
Here, snowflakes are wrapped with 6mm (1/4in) ribbon.
The wrap is Baker's Twine here.

Make a bunch.
Omit the centre hole and use as a gift tag.
Grey skies and chilly weather - I'm thinking snow. As in zillions of beautiful snowflakes - no two alike : ) Here are some fun-to-make papercut snowflakes, ideal as stocking fillers. The idea is to use the snowflakes as gift packaging for small quanities of ribbon or twine. Just wrap the ribbon (or twine) around the snowflake arms, spirella-style. The ribbon winders can be used as seasonal decorations.

Here's the pattern template:
To make things as easy as poss, set your photcopier to draft quality and print the pattern template onto the back of a sheet of A4 cardstock. Use a craft knife over a cutting mat to cut out the flakes.
Pierce the centre holes with a tapestry needle (kneaded rubber eraser underneath to receive the tip.)

Wrapping: tape the ribbon end to the back of the snowflake. Bring the ribbon up and over two snowflake arms. Wrap the ribbon around these two arms three times - then advance two snowflake arms and repeat the winding. Continue winding until you have completed the round. Insert a brad in the centre of the snowflake. You can wrap the ribbon tail around the brad on the back of the snowflake - or secure it with a sticky pad. Twine is worked in a similar way, only you make adjacent (rather than overlapping) wraps. It takes about five twine wraps to load a snowflake arm. 

Add a pearl cotton or craft thread hanging loop at the top of the snowflake. (For some snowflake styles, you may need to pierce a thread hole for this.)

These snowflakes are designed to hold 6mm (1/4in ribbon). You can, of course, enlarge the design to accommodate wider ribbon. It is the angled bit at the base of the snowflake that should measure the desired ribbon width (plus a smidge of ease).

To use the snowflakes as gift tags, omit the centre holes.

An optional folded snowflake is included as a decoration for the snowflake centres. To make it, fold and then unfold the arms of the snowflake. Fold the arms consecutively, tucking them under as required.

If you'd like to try your hand at some fancy folded snowflakes and stars, check out my papercraft template for Hot Off The Press: Snowflakes & Stars 7339. Here's the link:

Enjoy your wrap session.