Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fan-Shaped Needle-Threaders Tutorial

Today's post - Fan-Shaped Needle-Threaders in a matching storage matchbox - is part of my Papercraft Fabrications strand - papercraft sewing accessories. And it is also my very first full-colour printable project for you to cut out and assemble. And my very first cutting file download. (The choice is yours.) It's great to make a papercraft project that has a useful purpose - but that still retains the fun factor.

Each needle-threader is made of three layers of cardstock and a loop of
beading wire. To thread a needle, guide the wire loop through the eye of the needle, insert the thread through the loop, then pull the threaded loop through the needle: voilà - a threaded needle. Very handy for the reading glasses generation. Or if you are working in poor light.

Pull the threaded loop through the eye of the needle.
Here is your printable project:

Just print it out, full-size, on a piece of A4 cardstock. I used American Crafts 12 x 12 cardstock that I cut down to A4 size. The cardstock is printer-friendly, folds nicely, and it has an attractive canvas-like texture. Cut out all the pieces. Scissors will do for cutting the edges. You will need a craft knife and a cutting mat for cutting the slits in the centre layer of the needle-threader fans. (It is easier to cut the slits before cutting the fans out of the paper.)

Here's how to make the needle-threaders:
Raise the fan slits using the blunt end of a needle.
Cut a piece of beading wire with scissors; fold a loop.
Pass the loop through the slits; tape down trim excess wire.

Apply tacky glue to the taped side of the fan; glue onto fan bottom layer.
Apply glue to the other side and glue on the top fan layer.
Smooth all three layers together to achieve a good bond.
That's how to make the needle-threaders. Now here's how to assemble the matchbox:

The drawer is lined with contrast paper.
Matchbox printable: cut out and folded. Plus two brads for the drawer-pulls.
The long sides of the drawer must be folded in half lengthwise.
Just one overlap to stick to make the slipcase (use glue or ds tape).
Drawer: stick all four of the long base tabs first.
Next, apply tape to the end flaps and tabs. Carefully stick them down.
The long flaps are the last to stick down.
Carefully smooth the sides.
Insert a brad on either end and spread the wings.
Finally, insert the drawer.

There's room in the matchbox for a reel of sewing cotton or two - and a packet of needles, in addition to the needle threaders. Very handy.

Thanks again to patient Leah, for taking the pics.