Thursday, 17 January 2013

Papercraft Sewing Accessories Gallery

Quilter's dolly and spools.
Teabag-style thread cards and storage baskets.

Ribbon hangers. Gift presentation idea!
Pin storage: wheels or fans.
Ribbon winders, Flower Garden Ribbon Reels (and basket).
Button storage. The mini cigar box has compartments, like a printer's tray.
Storage caddy and bead trays.

Cantilever sewing box and spools. Yes, the spools are papercrafted!

Today's blog post is part of my Papercraft Fabrications strand - papercrafted sewing accessories: it makes so much sense to papercraft practical, pretty projects that have a life beyond gift presentation. No how-tos here - just plenty of inspiration.

I have a few more ideas for papercrafted sewing accessories, and I'll be posting them on the blog.