Saturday, 14 December 2013

Glamorous Pull-Top Milk Cartons

I'm still on my milk carton binge. Today's project glams up the humble milk carton. Each milk carton consists of a base and a lid. The lid can be removed either by grasping the flat grab strip at the top, or it can be tugged off using the attached tassel pull. The tassel pull is embellished with a gift tag and a decorative paper charm.

Here are your free downloads:

Your printable files look like this:
I've given you a choice of three different Milk Carton Tops: curved edge, straight edge, or demi-hexagonal edge. The base for all three is the same. 

The idea is that you print the Milk Carton tops onto the cardstock of your choice, superimposing the cutting lines onto the patterned paper.
The elegant patterns that I used come from this Dover publication:
Create Your Own Printable Scrapbook Papers:
135 Vintage Designs for use with Photoshop Elements
By Jodie Lee Patterson
Dover Publications
Paperback with dvd, £19.00
ISBN-13 978-0-486-99171-9

This book is available from the Dover Bookshop.

Although the book is meant to be used with Adobe Photoshop Elements,
there are a number of full-colour .jpg files on the disc which can be printed out directly (including the Fleur-de-lis and chain mesh patterns I used for the milk cartons). 

This title has a very handy how-to section which talks you through exactly how to customize the designs in Photoshop Elements. You can change colour, add textures to create unique designs. So - it's a bit of a learning curve, but I am looking forward to exploring my design options. It will be an adventure!

Back to the nitty-gritty of this project. 

Here's a tut on how to attach the top of the milk carton:

Milk Carton Top
1. Above, the pieces required for the Milk Carton Top. Note that the top bit has been cut out of gold pearlescent paper. You also need to cut two reinforcements out of coloured cardstock. I have not included the fold lines on the milk carton top or base because they would interfere with the decorative pattern. You can easily figure out where to score the needed fold lines.
2. Glue the base of the topper onto the milk carton "grab bar". Align the edges.
3. Glue on the reinforcment, matching the holes. Turn the milk carton over.
4. Fold the side tabs inwards and glue them down.
5. Fold the flap down and glue it in place. Finally, glue on the back reinforcement. 

6. Now it is time to make the tassel out of craft thread in two co-ordinating colours. Here's a refresher on how to make a tassel:Milk Carton Matchbox Tassel Tutorial.

7. Tie the tassel onto the carton top, threading on a gift tag and a paper charm at the same time.

8. The milk carton base is made in the usual way. Fill the box, then slide on the lid to complete your elegant Pull-Top Milk Carton.
The tassel is 6cm (2-1/4in) long, has 12 cord turns and 8 wraps.