Monday, 9 December 2013

London Skyline Milk Cartons

Maxi - and minis.
Midi-Gherkin (variation)
Today's post is a bit of a stretch - but stay with me, since it is the festive season and you could probably do with some gift packaging solutions. I'm still on my milk carton binge - experimenting with new shapes. A worthy type of box! These milk cartons are loosely inspired by the new generation of London skyscrapers that have been popping up lately. So... there's a triangular Shard, a bulging Gherkin, and a top-heavy Walkie-Talkie. There's also a slightly wider midi-Gherkin - I just liked the shape.

Here are your free downloads:

To make the milk cartons, print them up on copier-quality cardstock and cut them out. I've used American Crafts Cardstock, which is printer-friendly - takes the ink beautifully and has a lovely texture. (You must trim it down to A4 to fit the printer). Score the folds, then pre-fold them. For the prints, you will have to eyeball the location of the folds - you'll figure it out. Next, glue the ajacent sides, then the top flap. There's access to the box contents through the "trap door" on the bottom:
Fold the side flaps first.
Then tuck the tab into the slot.
I like to punch two holes in the milk carton top and tie a craft thread bow through them. You can thread on the gift tag while you are at it.

Of course, you can enlarge or reduce the designs as desired.

So that's milk carton mania for today!

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