Friday, 2 January 2015

Thanks a Bunch One-Sheet Printable Pop-Up Card

You can never have enough Thank You cards at this time of year, so today I have a super-easy one-sheet pop-up for you. This is a "repeat of a sell-out" because my last batch of one-sheet pop-ups made the All Free Paper Crafts top of the pops :). The attraction of one-sheet pop-ups is that they are simple to make, yet still have the wow factor. Definitely a case of "less is more".

Today's flowery offering has a fun surprise - a tah dah moment when you open it up to reveal the dimensionality plus the other flowers in the bunch.

Here are your free printable Thank You cards:



Making the card is a cinch. Print the card. Score the folds before cutting. (I use a fine-point embossing tool held agains a small metal ruler.) Cut out the card - special features are the shaped top and the arch-shaped slit above the leaves. Crease the folds using a bone folder. Pay attention to the "insies" and "outsies". All done!

If you'd like to learn how to design one-sheet pop-ups yourself, this book, by Paul Jackson, is the mother lode (link to Amazon):

(Paul Jackson is the go-to guy for paper engineering magic.)

Thank you for visiting The Papercraft Post. Have a happy and creative 2015. 

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