Friday, 30 January 2015

Valentine's Gift Basket

Another gift presentation idea today. Concept: the basket is part of the gift and can be kept as a storage container. These baskets look a bit like loaf pans. I've given you a choice of two different liners: scalloped or gently arched. There are three tag designs.
You don't have to use the pop-in liners. You can opt to incorporate translucent lining panels (vellum, or even tracing paper, works a treat), as shown above. (Remember to stick them down before assembling the basket sides.)
Here are your free printables:

No how-tos necessary - you'll figure it out. Just remember to score the folds. Tip: 6mm/1/4in d/s tape fits exactly onto the flaps - this speeds things up considerably.
 Note to self: don't snack on the props.

And now for something completely different:

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