Saturday, 30 May 2015

Make a Zeasel! Display your Zentangle Tiles.

Hello! I'm here today as a Zadvocate. That would be a Zentangle advocate. I can't think of another creative hobby that costs so little to get started in - pigment ink pens (Sakura Micron pens are the ones with the official Zentangle endorsement - inky black, write like a dream, archival quality), a supply of tiles and you are on your way to doodle wonderland. There's a social aspect, too - Zentanglers love to share their designs and discuss their creative journeys.

One reason I wanted to feature Zentangle on my blog is because I think this hobby is far superior to the ubiquitous colouring book fad. Why colour in other people's work when you can create your own beautiful, unique designs?

Another appeal of making Zentangle designs is their achievable size. Each tile is about 9cm (3-1/2in) square. You can make one every day - no UFOs hanging around. A bit like the satisfaction you get when you crochet a Granny Square. Completion.

So, if you want to go for daily Zentangle art therapy (there's a meditative quality to Zentangling), I have a gift for you of a downloadable kind. Today's project is a "Zeasel" - (that would be an easel on which to display Zentangle tiles).

The Zeasel is (of course), easy to make. I have had to make it in two pieces - card front and back. Simply print, cut, score the fold lines, then join front to back with d/s tape or glue stick. Glue the flap onto the outside back. To display your tile - fold down the shelf (the tile bottom rests on the shelf) and slip the tile top under the half-moon cut-out.

Your finished Zeasel packs flat and fits into a C5 envelope. So you can send one to Zentangling friends.

Here's your free download:


The Zentangle concept was the brainchild of Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Learn more about Zentangle at . Check out the Zentangle range of products here: 

Happy Tangling!