Monday, 18 May 2015

Bandanna Boxes & Trays

Prints are big this season, so get on the bandanna-wagon. Use these bandanna-inspired papercraft printable boxes/trays for gift giving or storage. They are easy to make and so very pretty. 

The tray is a square bow-tied at the corners. Add a lid to make a box. Or, for a no-frills version, glue to lids together to make a bakery-style box.

Here are your free bandanna printables:


Bandanna Boxes & Trays

Bandanna Box 

1 Print the designs on lightweight card. Score the fold lines using a fine-point embossing tool held against a small metal ruler. Remember the diagonal corner folds on the tray. Cut the slits in the box lid.

2 Punch the holes in the tray/base using a 1/8in circle handpunch. Glue reinforcements around the holes (the holes in the centre of the reinforcements are also punched with the handpunch).  

3 Crease the folds - a bone folder makes nice crisp folds. For the corner ties on the tray base, you need 25-30cm (10-12in) of ribbon per corner. Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie into bows.

4 Assemble the box lid, gluing the front corners. I like to give the back corners a nice finishe with a diagonal turnback - this is your choice.

5 Glue the back of the box lid inside one side of the base. To close the box, the lid sides fit inside the box.

Bandanna Tray
The Bandanna Tray is made in the same way as the box base, only it is double-sided. Print out two trays and stick them back to back. How to do that? I recommend this genius easy option:
Stick It adhesive sheets
No mess, no fuss, easy peel. Presto - almost-instant double-sided paper.

No-Frills Bandanna Box
Simply glue two lids together, overlapping the back panel.

Enjoy making your Bandanna Boxes, whether you are making them to give or keep.

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