Monday, 5 October 2015

Twisted Ring Ornaments

In my previous post, I featured Paul Jackson's new book, Complete Pleats:
I just couldn't wait to get paper-pleating. The above ornaments are slightly enhanced versions of Paul Jackson's Twisted Rings, which are featured in Chapter 3.4, pages 166-171. The concept is that each twisted ring is based upon a polygon - mine use hexagons and octagons. The shape is broken down into a strip of paper divided into segments with angled folds. The folds are angles that appear within the shape. Mountain and valley folds are alternated. When the ends of the strip of paper are joined, a nifty spiralling shape that folds flat is formed. Fun to make and play with. Boing!

You will soon get the hang of it, since I have have designed some print-and-cut twisted rings for you. They can be hung with a ribbon loop, joined to make chains, or glued together in stacks to make towers than scrunch down flat!
The printed stripes can be positioned on the inside or the outside of the ring, depending on how the strip of paper is folded. See the diagram above - it is a simple matter of alternating mountain and valley folds in the correct sequence.

To make a Twisted Ring Tower, simply glue the tabs of adjacent rings together. Stack 'em high!

Here are your print-and-cut twisted rings:



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