Thursday, 3 December 2015

Free Printable Xmas Cards 2015

Just when you need them - free printable Xmas cards! As you can see, the cards are fold-ins with a surprise factor. The designs are ski jumper-inspired, and I got the idea for the hexagonal medallions from this lovely new book (click for Amazon link), which admittedly has nothing to do with papercraft:
... crafters rarely stick to one medium! :) 

Back to papercrafting - here are your free cards:


As you can see, I've given you .pdf files for handmade cards, and digi-cut files for Silhouette machines (I made mine on a Silhouette Cameo). 


1 Print the cards on photocopier card.

2 Mark the fold lines (indicated by the notches along the top and bottom card edges) using a fine-point embossing tool held against a small metal ruler.

3 Cut out the cards. To cut by hand, use a scalpel to cut around the righthand side of the lefthand motif - and of the 2015 tag. Then cut the perimeter of the card with a craft knife held against a metal ruler. By Silhouette: just cut out the card - the settings are in the file.

4 Fold the card as shown in pics. If you wish, the lefthand card edge can be stuck down for a more conventional card look:
I personally prefer the open zig-zag:
Next post: card racks 2015. 

Have a warm and cosy holiday season!


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