Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Beautiful Paper Cutting. Review.

Beautiful Paper Cutting

30 Creative Projects for Cards, Gifts, Decor, and Jewelry

Lark Books, 2015

Paperback  £12.99/$17.95 US/ $ 20.95 CAN

Star rating: ***

This pleasant papercraft project portmanteau title is one for the newbies, and casual crafters at that. Come here if you want an appealing collection of easy projects, not if you want to seriously pursue the craft of paper cutting. (The dedicated student of papercutting would be shocked at the recommended use of paper punches.) Having said that, most of the projects are well-chosen and some them are showstoppers.

The cards have a naive quality and make an asset of their irregularities and imperfections. The Cut Tissue Paper Greeting Card, by Cynthia Shaffer, is a delightful Matisse-y collage.

Many of the projects are 3-D, such as the Elephant Mama and Babes, by Ellen Deakin, and the charming Alice’s Wardrobe by Silvina de Vita – with clothes on hangers- which channels the irresistible attraction of paper dolls.

Step-by-steps for each project are supplied, with photos as needed.

There’s a template section back-of-book with templates in various formats. Some are same-size, some require enlargement, and quite a few are cut-up-this-book prints. 

There are also capsule bios of the book’s contributors – always nice to hear about the creative journeys of crafty people.

Many of the projects might be fun to do with the kids.

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