Thursday, 7 January 2016

Mini Shoebox Storage System

It's January. Time to tidy and take stock. I think about tidying.... and design papercrafted storage ideas instead. Much more fun! So much for good intentions. Today's project is a totally glue-less mini shoebox, plus a strap for grouping them together.

Everybody loves shoeboxes. It is probably the shoe thing for some, but for me a shoebox brings back fond memories of my shoebox of craft supplies that I had as a kid. Scissors, crayons, glue. I loved the sound the lid made when I closed it shut after a crafting session...

So much for nostalgia... here are your free templates:


Print on the wrong side of the paper. Cut out. Crease the folds. The longer-than-usual side tabs hold the shoebox - and lid - together without glue. So... when no longer needed, you can pack the shoeboxes flat for another time. The carrier strap folds flat, too. Good to go for another time.

The mini shoeboxes are also adorable for gift presentation. Hope you find them useful!

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