Friday, 19 February 2016

Beautiful Paper Stars. Review.

Craft Decorations for Every Season

By Ursula Stiller, Armin Täubner and Gudrun Thiele

Floris Books 2015

Paperback  £14.99

ISBN 978 178250207-4

Star rating (!):****

Star quality! A jumbo compendium of folded paper stars – paper manipulation heaven! You don’t have to be a papercraft geek to access and appreciate the starry projects in this book – but if you are, there is plenty to keep you enthralled here. The projects are graded according to difficulty (star rating – natch– of one to three).

The makes are suitable as festive decorations year-round – for parties (indoor or patio), weddings, Christmas, even home decor. Garland or solo, paper stars are attention-grabbers.

The book is divided into sections according to  traditional star type, and each section has its own expert contributor. The star varieties are Aurelio Stars (3-D interlocking modular triangles), Filino Stars, Froebel Stars* (woven paper strips), Messina Stars (fan-style with individual folded units), Solino Stars (papercut), and Venezia.  I would have liked a capsule history of each star style. No info is provided on their crafty origins (I know that Froebel stars are the brainchild of 19th century German educationalist Friedrich Froebel - Wiki him). 

Each section begins with basic techniques for each star style. Step-by-steps are given photographically or as line drawings (I did think that the drawings for the complex Froebel star were a little confusing). Following on from basic how-tos are projects of increasing difficulty level. Variations in paper type and surface decoration provide the tweaks.

The projects are attractively photographed in suitably cosmic settings to maximize the fun factor. Handy tips are interspersed – example (spoiler alert) – tie the hanging thread around the centre of a spent matchstick and insert into gap in star. (Wish I thought of that.)

Back-of-book is a template section. A few templates are same-size, but most require enlargement.

Beautiful Paper Stars delivers on the title.  It is a worthy addition to your papercraft  library. There is much here I am keen to explore.

Above is a link to another title by one of Beautiful Paper Stars' contributors. He's your go-to guy for Froebel Stars!

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