Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Mini Milk Carton Desktop Storage System

Milk cartons are incredibly cute - but not the most practical storage containers for non-liquids. Problem solved! These fun milk carton containers have drawers or cubbies for easy access. Their base is square - so you can create all sorts of storage combos - beach hut-like crocodiles, towers, trays, or solos... the choice is yours.

I have included slot-and-tab connectors, in case you prefer non-permanent links to gluing.

Here are your free Silhouette digital cutting files:

Side-facing milk carton shell
Cubby liner
Milk Carton Drawer
Front-facing milk carton shell
To make the cubbies, cut out the templates and score the folds. Crease the folds, paying special attention to the V apexes at the sides. To make the openings, fold the V-shaped tab and the tabs to the side of it to the back. Join the side tabs, then fold the base and the top. 

When folding the cubby liner, the coloured side belongs inside.

When making the drawer, the coloured side belongs outside. Fold the pull-tab and glue it behind the short side before assembling the drawer.

To complete milk carton, pop in either a drawer or a cubby liner.

The storage configurations are up to you. Stick them together with d/s tape, PVA glue, or the connectors provided.

Enjoy papercrafting your modular mini-milk carton storage system! 

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