Monday, 22 August 2016

DIY Box Creations, by Courtney Sanchez. Review.

Fun and creative projects to make out of really big boxes

By Courtney Sanchez

Walter Foster Jr., 1 September 2016

Paperback £6.99 UK/$9.95 US/$12.95 CAN

ISBN 978-1-63322-139-0

Star rating: ****

This is not a kidscraft book – it is a collection of 12 cardboard carton creations to make for the kids. Hot glue, spray paint, and craft knives are required – so you have to be prepared for some heavy-duty cardboard-crafting. As recycling goes, the 12 jumbo cardboard box transformations are genius. The finished projects are big fun – and they look totally professional. 

Projects include a biplane, a dollhouse, a puppet theatre, a rocket ship, a sailboat, and a retro stove (which you might want to make to coincide with this year’s GBBO). High ratings for imaginative play value. All are shoestring creations.

The projects are assembled from pieces of cardboard carton which are pieced together with tape or glue, and then camouflaged. Step-by-step photographic how-tos accompanied by clear text guide you through the making. Everything is do-able – nothing overly complicated. 

One thing to consider: you will need a large workspace as well as the space to park your super-sized completed project.

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