Thursday, 1 September 2016

Confetti Rose Cupcake Box

I am a maker, not a baker – so when I watch GBBO (wasn’t  Candice’s pub gingerbread house fab?) , my mind  turns to designing cake boxes (and snacking, of course). So, today I have a “smart” cupcake box for you. Concept – hydraulic lift. Package an iced cupcake in the box. How to remove it without icing apocalypse? Poke your finger through the hole in the base and elevate the free-standing base layer – and the cupcake. 

BTW, have you noticed how many of the GBBO contestants have transferable design skills? This year, there’s a garden designer and an aerospace engineer. In the past, there have been clothing designers. Makes sense. Creativity doesn’t stay in boxes! :)

Here is your free cupcake box: 

Confetti Rose Cupcake Box

1 Print the template on to 160gsm photocopier card.
2 Score the fold lines before cutting out the pieces.
3 Cut out the pieces (digi-cut or by hand). The blue hexagon is your cutting guide for cutting out the cellophane window. You can buy a roll of clear cellophane (it is a florist’s supply) or simply cut up a cello card packaging envelope.
4 I use d/s tape for  box assembly. First stick the cello window on to underside of lid. Next, bottom tabs. Finally, the side tab.
5 Next, drop the base liner face down into the box.
6 The front tab is longer than the others. Pierce two holes and tie on the gift tag through theses. You need 20cm (8in) of craft thread to tie on the tag and tie a mini-bow.  Place the cupcake (or muffin) in the box and tuck the side lid tabs inside, front tab outside. A sticky fixer adheres the front tab.

This is my first project on my lovely new Silhouette Cameo 3 digital cutting machine. (I never had Silhouette Cameo 2, so it was time for an upgrade.) Cameo honeymoon.  I am loving the self-adjusting blade and the two carriages. It also has a higher clearance, so you can cut thicker materials – looking forward to experimenting with that. :)