Monday, 5 September 2016

Pointy Pleated Ornaments

These printable diamond-shaped ornaments are great fun to make. Once you get the knack of folding the V-folds at the centre, you'll be turning them out in quantity.

Here are your free designs:
Pointy Pleated Ornaments

1 Print the ornaments on 160gsm photocopier card.

2 Score the fold lines - vertical pleats (toughs and peaks), the zigzag centre line.

3 Cut out the ornaments. You need two of each. If cutting by hand, punch out the holes with a 1/16" circle handpunch (or carefully pierce with a needle). 

4 Join two strips to make one continuous strip. Match the join and stick it with d/s tape or PVA tacky glue.

5 Pre-crease the pleats. Use a bone folder for the vertical pleats. Use your fingers to prime the zigzags. 

6 Fold the pleats. The pleats reverse at the zigzags. Pop the Vs. You'll soon get the hang of it. 

7 Join the ends of the pleated strip to make a continuous loop.

8 Make a hanging loop from ribbon, knotted at the bottom. Add a pony bead at the knot - this ensures that the loop will stay in place within the ornament. 

8 Using a tapestry needle, draw craft thread through the holes at top and bottom. Draw them up and tie them. Catch in the hanging loop before tightening the top.

9 Add a tassel to the bottom of the ornament. This looks attractive and simultaneously weights the ornaments.

No need to stick to the size given. Petite ornaments are pretty, too.