Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Marie Gudme Leth - Pioneer of Print

Prints: Guinea Fowl 1941; inset: Lime Leaf 1946
Reporting back on an exhibition showcasing the work of an inspirational and influential Danish print designer. Marie Gudme Leth (1895-1997) - Pioneer of Print, at Design Museum Danmark (Copenhagen). The exhibition has closed recently - I was lucky to catch it.

Marie Gudme Leth's bold and simple designs haven't dated - they still look fresh today. According to the museum brochure, "Leth revived textile printing as an artisanal craft in Denamark around 1030...". She reinvented herself several times during her long and productive career, adapting to changes in taste and manufacturing methods. 

Here's a link to a Google Images collection of Marie Gudme Leth's work. 

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